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An expert tax consultant for expats in the Netherlands

Congratulations, you started working in the Netherlands and thus found a job you hopefully love! As you might know, working in the Netherlands means you need to fill out your taxes according to the Dutch system. Even people who have been living and working in the Netherlands their whole life ask a tax consultant to go over their questionnaires to ensure they fill in the right data. This all needs to be done according to a fixed set of rules and forms, such as the C form or M form. These are forms you need when you are not able to fill out your tax return online.

Benefit from special regulations for expats

If you are looking for a reliable and professional tax consultant based in the Netherlands, than make sure to contact the professionals at Witlox International Tax Advice. They are experts in expat taxing, making sure your taxes are filed correctly and on time. For an expat, the Dutch tax system can be very confusing. This is especially the case when you are an expat from the US – then you are obligated to fill out your tax forms for both the US and the Netherlands. Receiving some help from a tax consultant who knows everything about the tax system in both the Netherlands and the US is a benefit! For example, did you know that it is possible to pay less taxes for a few years if you start working in the Netherlands as an expat? This is called the 30% ruling – 30% of your gross income is being paid without any taxes being withheld. Your nett spendable income is higher to cover relocation costs.

Contact the tax expert for more information

Is your tax income due within a few months? Or do you want to make sure you fill out the right data? Make sure to contact a tax consultant from Witlox International Tax Advice in the Netherlands. Then you never have to worry about your expat taxes every again!